Thursday, July 12, 2012

Auction Coins

Luster Ring


    Today I began shooting a few antique coins for a friend of mine. I had a hard time trying to light them cause there is a particular why it must be done. Most collectors are looking for the luster ring, which shows if the coin has been circulated or not. Also when photographing a Cameo you want the face to show up and the surrounding area to be almost dark. 

    It took me awhile to find a light setup and then I came across Jansjo LED from Ikea, these little beauties have an articling neck, a pretty strong L.E.D. light also. Well I purchased four of them at about $10 each! I used my tripod, Canon 5D Mark II, shutter release cable, and 100mm L series lens to complete the shoot. My friend was very happy with the results and that is what really matters.

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