Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chamillionaire in Kuwait

April 27, 2011 Rapper Chamillionaire preforms for US Military stationed at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. There were over 300 troops and civilians in attendance for the event. After the show Chamillionaire provided an autograph session for those at attended. Chamillionaire will finish up his USO tour in Bahrain UAE.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Studio with Beza

Since the ITT Exelis "takeover" I had to move to another apartment. I found a nice two bedroom place in the Al-Mahabola section of Kuwait. Now that I have an extra room and no damn roommate, I decided to turn the extra room into a small studio but it needed a "makeover" 

I decided to move forward with my plan and a few weeks ago I painted my extra room to bring my studio to life. The space isn't as large as I would like but it will do for now. My next step was to find a beautiful subject to photograph. A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and was friended by Beza and decided ask her to be my first subject, she agreed! Beza is from Ethiopia and has been in Kuwait for over four years were she is a nanny and is attending beauty school to be a stylist.

I used my Canon 5D Mark II, 42-105mm L and, my Canon 508EXII flash. I set the flash in manual mode and used 22" reflector to bounce my flash. I photographed using the RAW file format and  Portrait Professional to edit the head shots.

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