Friday, June 17, 2011

Failaka Island, Kuwait

Off the coast of Kuwait is Failaka Island it was first inhabited by the Greeks sometime between the seventh or eighth century AD.  

Before the Gulf War this was a hot spot for the residents of Kuwait. Since the war ended the island is starting to return to it's former glory for those that want to visit Failaka there are some nice villas, a few restaurants, a nice beach, horses, swimming pools and a zoo. 

Click on the links to view the history of the island and find out about the attractions that are available for visitors today.

The ferry Ikarus takes passengers out to the island.
One of the family hotels on the island

One bedroom Villa.
Family Villa with a private pool and court yard

 Entrance to the channel

                                                            Kuwait Flag on the beach

One of the skilled craftsmen that create souvenirs for visitors.
 Remains of the Greek civilization that occupied the island during eighth century AD


  1. Nice shots!
    Did you stay overnight?
    Love the one with the Craftsman :)

  2. The picture of the craftsman is amazing. Very National Geographic feel to it. Love the sense of purpose and diligence in his expression. Overall, great set.